After producing several thousand units of the original BRONCHOSCOPE EFER-DUMON and associated stent placement instrumentation, EFER ENDOSCOPY has expanded its product line by developing the EFER-SUPERGLASS range of tracheobronchial silicone stents, orginal forceps and optics, a specific videobronchoscopy system, and an electrosurgical unit dedicated to therapeutic bronchoscopy.

In addition to the STANDARD PRODUCTS line covering all endoscopy and videoendoscopy applications fields in industrial environments, EFER ENDOSCOPY has developed a line of DEDICATED PRODUCTS allowing endoscopic implementation, in remote access locations, of measurement, micro-blending, and non-destructive testing procedures.

In the 1980s EFER ENDOSCOPY and Dr. Jean Francois DUMON, the French pioneer in interventional bronchoscopy and video imaging, developed an original modular bronchoscope. This was followed by associated instruments designed to place the tracheobronchial silicone stents he had also just invented.

Considering the significant learning required by the implementation of these products, Doctor DUMON has created the BRONCHOTRAINING website in which he presents his clinical experience in therapeutic bronchoscopy.