Created in 1982 in Paris, EFER Endoscopy is a company specialized in endoscopy with an initial vocation that was focused on the industrial field and in particular covering the control of aeronautical engines.

In 1988 the company moved into a 1000 m² plant in La Ciotat and launched a new activity of videoendoscopy covering both the industrial and medical fields.

Today, EFER Endoscopy now generates 60% of its turnover from exports and is represented in 26 countries, including the USA and Japan.

As an endoscopy generalist, EFER Endoscopy has a design office and manufacturing means skilled in a multidisciplinary know-how: micromechanics, optics, fibering, lighting, microelectronics, and video signal processing.

These different skills are expressed in the standard products offered by EFER Endoscopy and also in the context of an activity covering the design and manufacture of complex endoscopic vision products meeting specific usage constraints.

EFER Endoscopy benefits from a recognized mastery in endoscopic control in the aeronautical and nuclear sectors by supplying and supporting key companies, worldwide.

EFER Endoscopy provides after-sales service for its products throughout their lifespan.

For the French market, maintenance is provided directly by the EFER Endoscopy plant in La Ciotat with a completely independent after-sales service.

For some export countries, the company has distributors approved to provide after-sales service, providing them with ongoing training on product maintenance out of the EFER Endoscopy manufacturing plant in France.