Founded in 1980, EFER ENDOSCOPY, a generalist in endoscopy, devotes 15% of its turnover to innovation through its R&D department.

With a complete range of endoscopy, EFER ENDOSCOPY has today about sixty patents to its assets.

Through the commitment to a voluntary policy of continuous improvement of quality of its services and its organization, as well as through its highly qualified employees with a strong responsiveness combined with a great flexibility to manufacture adapted products, EFER ENDOSCOPY has renewed its ISO 9001 and 13485 certifications acquired since 1998.

As President of the company since 2017, I am naturally convinced by our quality management approach based on a process and risk approach.

I am committed to respecting and ensuring respect of the applicable and regulatory requirements of our customers’ fields, in particular for the civil aeronautics, nuclear and medical sectors. Our customers’ satisfaction implies a total understanding of their explicit or implicit needs.

Our objectives are therefore the following:

  • Increase customer satisfaction through more anticipation and proximity:
    • Respecting deadlines
    • Reduce customer complaints
  • Continue to innovate in order to maintain our technological position
  • Improve our management structure
    • By ensuring a better organization and better interfaces between departments
    • By controlling the quality of outsourced products and activities

I am aware of the importance of respecting our Quality Management System: clarity and relevance describing our organization, taking into account the expectations and challenges of our stakeholders, measuring their satisfaction, respecting internal procedures, monitoring and taking into account the indicators selected for each process, legal and regulatory requirements.

Thanks to the personal involvement of each of us to achieve our objectives and, always careful to develop team spirit, I will measure the effectiveness of the system to define future areas of improvement.

The involvement of the talents of each of us and my commitment to ensure the availability of the necessary human and material resources are good guarantees for the achievement of our quality objectives.

I hope that all these decisions will improve the reputation of our company, while increasing its profitability and developing its technical skills.

We will carry out internal audits, an annual management review and everything that will allow us to identify the risks, the tracks of improvement to lead the corrective and preventive actions, in order to continuously improve our system.

The present Quality policy is distributed and explained to all the employees of EFER ENDOSCOPY.