Founded in 1980, EFER ENDOSCOPY, a generalist in endoscopy, devotes 15% of its turnover to innovation through its R&D department. With a complete range of endoscopy and videoendoscopy, our company now has around sixty patents to its credit.

Since 1998, EFER ENDOSCOPY has been ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. The implementation of a voluntary policy of continuous improvement gives us the means to work daily on the quality of our products, our services and our organization. The experience, the strong reactivity and the flexibility of our teams allow us to offer products adapted to each client.

As President of the company since 2017, I am naturally convinced by our quality management approach based on a process and risk approach allowing us to continuously improve and measure our effectiveness.

The team spirit, the talent and the personal involvement of each of us as well as my commitment to ensuring the availability of the necessary means should enable us to achieve our objectives:

• Improve the satisfaction of our customers by anticipating their needs, close collaboration and paying particular attention to meeting deadlines

• Continue to innovate in order to maintain our technological positioning,

• Improve our organization and in particular the management of interfaces between services,

• Control the quality of our purchases and outsourced activities contributing to the production of our products and services.

I undertake to respect and enforce the requirements applicable to our activities and in particular in connection with civil and military aeronautics, nuclear and medical sectors. The satisfaction of our customers implies a total understanding of their explicit or implicit needs while remaining consistent with the expectations of all our stakeholders and the challenges we face.

Finally, I would like these commitments to improve the reputation of our company, while increasing its profitability and developing its technical skills.

Fabienne Rovegno